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Australian TradeLinks WA Department of State Development

The Department of State Development provides leadership to drive responsible development for Western Australia's future, by:

  • developing and coordinating significant State projects
  • leading co-ordination of approvals processes for major resources, industrial and infrastructure projects across government
  • negotiating and managing agreements between development proponents and the State Government
  • enabling the development of strategic industrial land and infrastructure to meet industry needs
  • providing strategic policy advice on State development issues
  • promoting and attracting investment in Western Australia
  • advising and assisting Western Australian businesses in global export activities
  • managing Western Australia’s international offices, activities and intergovernmental relationships

The Department reports to the Minister for State Development, the Hon. Colin Barnett MLA, through its Director General Stephen Wood.

The Department has the following divisions:


State Initiatives:

Objective: lead responsible development of significant Government endorsed resources and industry projects, co-ordinate approvals processes and ensure the availability of industrial land

  • Browse LNG Precinct
    Objective: Establish a single, sustainable site on the West Kimberley coast to facilitate the development of the Browse Basin gas reserves.
  • Oakajee Mid-West Development Project
    Objective: deliver a multi-user, deepwater port at Oakajee to facilitate the development of the Mid West.
  • Project Approvals and Strategy
    Objective: co-ordinate major projects through Commonwealth and State environmental, heritage and native title approvals processes
  • Infrastructure Planning and Implementation
    Objective: assist the delivery of social and community infrastructure to support major projects
  • Strategic Industrial Lands
    Objective: ensure appropriate heavy use industrial land and infrastructure is available to support strategic projects.


Resources and Industry Development:

Objective: lead responsible development of significant Government endorsed resources and industry projects, manage State Agreements and the State’s overseas trade and investment offices.

  • International Trade & Investment
    Objective: manage Western Australia’s overseas trade and investment offices, to promote better international relationships , attract investment and support the growth of export industries.
  • Development & Evaluation
    Objective: introduce investors to the states resources and industrial sectors and the Government’s statutory processes.
  • Strategic Projects
    Objective: negotiate new statutory agreements between the State and proponents to secure investment in major new projects.
  • Project Facilitation
    Objective: manage statutory agreements between the State and companies to foster the success and expansion of Western Australian industry.
  • Strategic Infrastructure
    Objective: coordinate development of the Ashburton North and Anketell strategic port and industrial area projects.


Strategic Policy:

Objective: undertake research and analysis and provide policy advice on strategic issues to support responsible development.

  • Policy Development
    Objective: develop, co-ordinate and implement policies that promote and support responsible economic development.
  • Economic and Strategic Analysis
    Objective: analyse issues and events that affect Western Australia’s economy, and provide data on economic trends and conditions.


Legal and Commercial Strategy:

Objective: provide State Development management and staff with efficient and timely access to professional legal advice and support, in achieving the department’s strategic and commercial objectives.


Corporate Services:

Objective: provide efficient and appropriate services to support State Development management and staff in achieving the department’s objectives.