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The Australian Trade Commission – Austrade – is the Australian Government’s trade, investment and education promotion agency.

Through a global network of offices across nearly 50 countries, Austrade assists Australian companies to grow their international business, attracts productive foreign direct investment into Australia and promotes Australia’s education sector internationally.

Our role is to advance Australia’s international trade, education and investment interests by providing information, advice and services.

Services for Australian companies

Austrade provides information and advice that can help Australian companies reduce the time, cost and risk of exporting. We also provide a range of services to Australian exporters looking to expand their business in growth and emerging markets.

General information about exporting and doing business in international markets is provided free of charge to Australian companies and can be accessed via Austrade’s website seminars and events or Austrade staff.

Austrade also offers tailored trade services  which are primarily focused on providing support to Australian businesses in growth and emerging markets, where there is strong demand for our services and where we can add the most value. These markets include Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Middle East and Russia. In other markets we can provide you with alternative service providers.

Services for Australian education providers

Austrade oversees the branding, international marketing and promotion of Australian education and training.

This includes positioning Australian education internationally through a new international education brand, Future Unlimited . The brand highlights the global relevance, practicality and quality of Australia’s education and training institutions, along with their innovation, creativity and focus on the future.

Austrade also supports Australian education providers through a range of information, advice and tailored services to support their international education engagement strategies.

Services for international investors

Austrade is responsible for the promotion, attraction and facilitation of productive foreign direct investment (FDI) into Australia, and is the first national point of contact for all investment enquiries.

Services to international companies are free, comprehensive and confidential. Working in partnership with Australian state and territory governments, Austrade provides international investors with information needed to establish or expand a business in Australia.

Services for international buyers

Austrade also assists international buyers to source goods and services from Australia or to identify strategic Australian business partners.

Financial support for exporters

Austrade provides online information on  export financing and other government financial assistance programs, as well as, administering the  Export Market Development Grant (EMDG) Scheme .  

The EMDG scheme, the Australian Government’s financial assistance program for aspiring and current exporters, encourages small and medium sized Australian businesses a wide range of industry sectors to enter into and develop export markets.

Under the scheme, eligible businesses are reimbursed for part of the export marketing costs they incur. The scheme supports a wide range of industry sectors and products, including inbound tourism and the export of intellectual property.

The scheme reimburses up to 50 per cent of eligible export promotion expenses above $10,000, provided that the total expenses are at least $20,000, and up to seven grants to each eligible applicant .