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About ICC Australia

ICC Australia is the Australian branch of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), headquartered in Paris, France. ICC Australia is one of the oldest ICC affiliates, and was the eleventh national committee to be founded, in 1927. In 2007, the secretariat of ICC Australia returned to the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, after an absence of some 20 years.

ICC Australia is a dynamic business organisation, providing insight and influence on a range of international issues which affect Australian businesses.

The primary aim of ICC Australia is to promote the voice of Australian business in the international arena, connecting the concerns of Australian industry to the greater policy aims of the ICC, ensuring that the needs of Australian businesses are addressed. However, ICC Australia also aims to inform its members of any developments in international commerce, giving them access to the latest news from ICC's global network of over 120 National Committees.

What is the ICC?

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) is the world's largest business organization - the voice of world business - championing the global economy as a force for economic growth, job creation and prosperity. Because national economies are now so closely interwoven, government decisions have far stronger international repercussions than in the past, and so ICC ensures that the views of business are successfully represented on an international level.

ICC activities cover a broad spectrum, from policy making to dispute resolution, with focussing on making the case for open trade and the market economy system, business self-regulation, fighting corruption or combating commercial crime.

ICC is able to greatly influence the development of the rules and regulations which control international business, and has direct access to national governments all over the world through its national committees. The organization's international secretariat feeds business views into intergovernmental organizations on issues that directly affect business operations. Most importantly, ICC has been granted the highest level consultative status with the WTO and the UN as well as its specialized agencies, ensuring that the view of international business receives due weight within the UN system and in the eyes of intergovernmental bodies at meetings such as the G20 and G8 where decisions affecting the conduct of business are made.


Technical Commissions

Specialist ICC Commissions meet regularly to review issues affecting business, among them banking, competition, the environment, financial services and insurance, intellectual property, marketing, air, maritime and surface transport, taxation, and trade and investment policy. Commission members include senior executives of major international companies, law firms, and academics.

The Commissions make critical assessments of legislative proposals and other developments affecting their fields, and communicate these views to governments and international organisations.
One of the ICC's main activities is the harmonisation of trade practices. ICC rules on documentary credits are used by banks throughout the world, and ICC Incoterms – international commercial terms defined by the ICC – are applied by importers and exporters worldwide.


Specialist Divisions and Practical Services

  • ICC Dispute Resolution Services: Includes the International Court of Arbitration, the world's leading body for the resolution of business disputes by arbitration; ADR, Dispute Boards, Expertise and DOCDEX
  • ICC Institute of World Business Law: Conducts research, training and the dissemination of information among practitioners and scholars in the field of international business law
  • ICC Commercial Crime Services (CCS): This specialised division is the ICC's umbrella organisation covering commercial crime, maritime crime, and counterfeiting
  • ICC Publications: Publishes practical reference works for the conduct of international business, based on the ICC's work programme. New guides and corporate handbooks are added to the list every year.
  • ICC World Chambers Federation (WCF): The world forum for chambers of commerce, working to strengthen chambers worldwide. The WCF also co-manages the ATA Carnet system for temporary duty-free imports.
  • ICC Events: May be held anywhere in the world, providing an opportunity for business people to learn from each other's experiences.

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