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The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is the nation's peak council of business organisations and the authentic voice of Australian enterprise and industry. 

Australia's largest and most representative business association, ACCI speaks at a national and international level on behalf of the nation's peak State and Territory Chambers of Commerce and Industry and National Industry Associations from all sectors of the economy.

These significant and representative organisations make up ACCI's National Member Network and give us the madate and authority to be the essential connection between industry, governments, regulators and influential policy forums which affect doing business at home and abroad.

ACCI Stands For: A Free Enterprise Economy & Democratic Government

Which is the only sustainable way to achieve fairness & lift the standard of living across our community.

ACCI's focus is the promotion of a world class environment for doing business in Australia which encourages private sector investment, entrepreneurship and lifts community living standards.

We aim to foster a dynamic and competitive private sector driven by the ambition and entrepreneurship of business people, employees and independent contractors as they essential elements of a prosperous and fair society.

Government policies are important to a strong economy and ACCI ensures that the voice of Australian business is heard by the Australian Government, regulatory authorities and the community in order to influence national economic, trade, employment and workplace policy.

ACCI Is More Than: A Lobbyist Or 'Think Tank'

ACCI's policy advocacy & business representation is not for the benefit of only one client or narrow sectional interest We develop and advocate policies targeted to achieve a world class environment for doing business. Our policy is developed by and on behalf of representatives of all Australian business in pursuit of an active, vibrant private sector, productivity, economic growth, job creation and a strong economy to the benefit of our community.

A private sector membership organisation, ACCI is a unique business organisation in Australia with our members forming a National Member Network made up of the peak State and Territory Chambers of Commerce and National Industry Associations which covers business large and small in all economic sectors across the nation.

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