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Responding to an opportunity

This course is designed to give you an understanding of how to effectively respond to and communicate with an overseas enquirer and also generate and increase overseas sales leads.

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To help you convert an overseas enquiry into ongoing export business it is important to respond quickly and effectively.
This module will help you understand how to:

  • Generate overseas enquires
  • Qualify an export lead
  • Effectively respond to an overseas enquiry
  • Communicate effectively with your enquirer
  • Use the enquiries you receive to build a database
  • Generate more overseas enquiries 


An enquiry from overseas may be an opportunity for you to initiate valuable ongoing export business. Whether you can convert the enquiry into real business often depends on how you handle it.

Knowing how to generate useful enquiries is the first essential step, and how you respond to that first enquiry can make all the difference. If you get it right, with care and attention, you can build life time business relationships.

Where do they come from?


As with Australian business, international sales leads come in many different ways and from a variety of sources.

These can come from either overseas or within Australia.

Click the heading below to see where international sales leads may come from.

Leads may come from

  • the Austrade offshore network
  • your State of Territory Government
  • Chamber of Commerce of Business Association contacts
  • the internet or your website
  • participation in Australian trade shows. For example, Austrade coordinates inward buyer missions to a number of Australian trade shows.


How can I generate and increase sales leads?

Listed below are some means through which increased sales leads can be generated. 



The work you have done in preparing for export is most often what places you in a position to receive enquiries.

Most leads are generated as a result of the research and preparation you carry out (see modules X and X) before exporting. For example, this may be through:

  • meeting potential companies,
  • speaking to government organisations and
  • participating at trade show.

The better prepared you are the greater the likelihood of leads.

Export advisor

It is best to work closely with an Austrade export advisor. If you let an Advisor know your exact interests and capabilities, they can match you with overseas companies who may be interested in your product/service and help you generate the enquiries you want.

Australian Suppliers’ Database (ASD)

You can attract the attention of overseas customers by listing your company on Austrade’s Australian Suppliers’ Database (ASD).


Networking effectively in Australia (and when overseas) can help you:

  • Open new business opportunities
  • Increase the likelihood of valuable referrals.