Researching your market
Introduction - Researching your market
What you need to know
Where do i find the information?
Resources - Researching your market
Conclusion - Researching the market


Research your market

This course is designed to give you an introduction to export market research.

You will learn the key principles to follow when you research your export market using the Internet.


Why research?

You need a plan – Where do you start?

In order to know how to successfully develop exports in your chosen markets, you will need to undertake some international market research.

The key to effective market research is understanding how much information you need, where you can most efficiently find it, who should do it and how expensive it will be. You also need to work out what can be done from your desk and what requires market visits.

The Internet is an excellent tool to use for your market research. There is data on countries, markets, industries, companies, products and trade restrictions.

However the effectiveness of your research on the Internet comes down to your research strategy and the websites you visit.


Search Tips

  • Good planning can limit the time and cost of your research.
  • Select markets with high potential, low risk and relative ease of entry.
  • Review competitive products already in the market.
  • Discuss your next steps with your Austrade Export Advisor.